Higher Ed Community Forum

The Higher Ed Community Forum Series brings together scholars to share current research impacting higher education. The series was created as a response to the uncertainty we all face during the COVID-19 pandemic, in hopes to create community virtually. These 60-minute live-streamed webinars will also be recorded to support instructors dealing with the immediate transition to online-only courses and seeking support with content and guest lectures. We thank participating scholars for sharing their time, talent, and expertise with us and the greater higher education community.

The online community effort is co-coordinated by Julie Marlatt and Eric Felix. The four topics in-progress include:

  • College Affordability & Policy Development 
  • Internationalization in Higher Education
  • Supporting Queer Student Success
  • Conducting Critical Policy Analysis & Advocacy

Panel 1: Legislating Affordability in Higher Education and their Implications for Students

Our first panel examines the politics of free college, financial aid policies, and the implications of these reforms for students post-college. Drawing from their work, panelists discuss the potential impact of the COVID-19 on affordability, financial aid, and student debt. We welcome Drs. Bell, Baker, and Hypolite and look forward to their remarks. To prepare for the webinar we also include a pre-reading from each scholar. 




Bell, E. (2020). The politics of designing tuition-free college: How Socially constructed target populations influence policy support. The Journal of Higher Education, 1–39. https://doi.org/10.1080/00221546.2019.1706015

Hypolite, Liane I., & Tichavakunda, A. A. (2019). Experiencing financial aid at a historically white institution: A critical race analysis. Journal of Student Financial Aid, 49(1), 1-22. https://ir.library.louisville.edu/jsfa/vol49/iss1/5 

Baker, D. J. (2019). When average is not enough: Examining the variation in the influences on undergraduate debt. AERA Open, 5(2). https://doi.org/10.1177/2332858419860153