The PhD journey begins

Driving home from orientation I realized the privilege I have in front of me. The ability to spend the next four years developing as a scholar. To focus my time solely on the academic endeavor. To become a socially-conscious researcher addressing educational issues that face urban, low-income communities. Communities much similar to the one I was raised in.

The work I do is dedicated to my family and those who have paved the way for me. Thanks to them my path has led me to USC and the Urban Educational Policy PhD program. I would not be in this position without the support of my family, my partner, and my mentors. My success this their success.

As I start this doctoral program, I’m committed to excellence in all that I do. I am dedicated to reading, writing, and research; to late nights and long hours. I am open to growing, learning, and developing as an educator, researcher, and scholar. My research is rooted in my community. And trying to uplift it. My experience informs my practice. And addressing the struggles I’ve face. The resilience of students to be successful in higher education in spite of barriers is my motivation.

These next four years will be difficult. These next four years will probably be very rewarding. All I know is the struggles I will face, will make my successes that much more meaningful. I acknowledge my privilege. I will not squander this opportunity. I am ready to do work. I am ready to go HAM.


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