May: The most rewarding month of the year

Who knew May could have so many emotions?  These last few days have been ones of extreme joy and sadness knowing part of my campus community will leave. As finals end and commencement banners are raised, I am excited for my students to go on and do great things in the world. In admissions, most emphasize the May 1 deposit deadline; shaping a great class, hitting enrollment numbers, appeasing the board of trustees, and meeting individual territory goals. As important as that date is to us in enrollment management, I care more about May 25th. That’s commencement day. Yes, it’s exciting to finding out which high school seniors will attend my campus in the fall, but I find more value in graduation, college completion, and the achievement of a goal that for many students will be a first in their family, if not their community .

It’s around this time that students are recognized for their amazing achievements, and so many in our campus community are in awe of what our students accomplish. I sit back and think, “yeah, I saw that talent, that drive, that passion four years ago…”

I’m lucky to be in an admissions office where my interaction with students doesn’t end with the deposit. I get to form relationships with my students. Throughout the year, I get to celebrate their accomplishments on the football field, at mariachi ensembles, at research symposiums, and ultimately on days like commencement. I get to see that proud stride, firm handshake, and camera-ready smile, as they walk across the stage with a diploma in hand.

I’ve been fortunate to be in the lives of many students and help them along their path towards a college degree. The work I do is never more rewarding them times like these. Thank you allowing me to be part of your journey!

Congratulations Class of 2013, I wish you nothing but the best with your future endeavors.


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