On The Road

I love being on the road. I’ve known this for years. It started with my dad taking me on summer road trips as a kid, then traveling via car coast-to-coast for my fraternity after college, and now as an admissions counselor.

There’s something calming about driving to me. It clears my thoughts; it puts me at peace. Driving is where most of my “bright” ideas come from. When driving, I’d always keep a notepad on the dash just to write down all the ideas flowing in my head. Now it’s simple, I can just dictate my thoughts to my phone thanks to Siri. Not sure why, but I always get pensive when I drive. It’s like my mind opens up and is able to finally process everything that’s surrounding me. It’s a time to make sense of the world. Its somewhat amazing to me. Wether in traffic, or on the open road, a short drive or long road trip, driving gives me the time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Working in admissions, I’m always on. But I enjoy it. I love putting on an insightful presentation, having an engaging conversation, or just answering a simple question. Driving, alone, balances me out. As an introvert, I need time to decompress, reenergize, and collect my thoughts. Being introverted, makes me a quiet leader with strong opinions. I’m someone who would rather observe everyone and everything, before sharing a comment. Someone who process the situation first then reacts. At the same time, I love to be “on-stage.” As a student, teacher, and counselor, I’ve always found being in front of an audience as one of the most exhilarating things to do. I truly enjoy it.

As I continue to grow and develop as a person, I always reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go. Much of my introspection is rooted in my intorvertedness. I love reflect on my journey. And as I do, I think of all the roads I’ve traveled, cities I’ve visited, and monuments I’ve seen. What stays at the forefront, is the people I’ve met and the conversations I’ve had.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be on the road traveling throughout Southern California and Southern Florida. I look forward to meeting more people, visiting more cities, creating more memories,and of course more driving.


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