Admissions and Marketing

Recently, I took over the marketing and social media initiatives in our office. I was doubtful at first, I asked myself… What could I really gain from doing marketing? My experiences were always focused on college outreach and access, why would a want to risk failing in an unknown area of admissions?

With a slight hesitation, I took the challenge as an opportunity to grow as a professional. To my surprise, I loved it! Working with our marketing department unleashed a creative side I rarely use. I like to be practical, analytic, and simple. Working on these projects helped me be more resourceful, imaginative, and strategic. My approach in completing this project was simple, humanize the admissions process and focus on our people, not stats and figures.

I hope our prospective students and families enjoy the hard work put into these recruitment pieces by our Marketing and Admissions departments. I’m excited to share a condensed version of our 2012-2013 viewpoint. Click on the image below and check it out, let me know what you think.

The cover of our new viewpoint

If you want to continue exploring, the follow-up piece to our viewpoint this year is an “Interactive Chalkboard Site,” built to engage our students and help them understand our institutions values. As with the viewpoint, we wanted to have our students get familiar with our community values, not just our admitted student profile. Again, kudos go out to our Marketing Department and web developers. The site looks great and is web-responsive. Can’t wait for students to start interacting with the site!

Screenshot of our Chalkboard site


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