What’s new in Admissions?

Plenty! Time to share some exciting transitions this summer!

When I started working at the University of San Diego, I started with great enthusiasm. I started with a mindset that I would prove my worth every day, remind them why they hired me. Two years in, that enthusiasm is still here. My time in this office has exceeded my expectations. And the professional growth and learning has been tremendous. In hindsight, come to USD has been a great fit, allowing me to develop as an educator.

When I started here, I was working with transfer students and freshman specifically in the Los Angeles area. Since then I’ve been able to expand my role to do college outreach in the Inland Empire and Imperial Valley. These areas are in great need of college outreach and aspiration building. That aspect of my job has been most fulfilling. Even with those responsibilities, I was challenged and pushed to do much more. Last year I began working with student-athletes as an admissions liaison. That was great to see a transcript in the summer, and a player on the court in the fall. At the same time I was given the responsibility to coordinate our two large campus programs. Although, I didn’t see myself as an “event planner,” I took the challenge to make our Open House and Admit Day as successful as possible. And I did.

Through all this, I’ve been blessed to work in positive environments. In my three higher ed positions, I’ve had supervisors provide the right amount of challenge and support. They enhanced my work ethic, didn’t micromanage, and allowed for creativity of new ideas. They helped shape my personal mantra, “stay hungry, stay humble.”  Meaning, never get complacent or satisfied with the status quo, always strive for more and be better. While at the same time being humble in success.

Now, it’s time to further my responsibilities and take on new areas. Starting in July, I’m transitioning into managing our Social Media initiatives, coordinating our Marketing efforts, and overseeing Athletics. These new areas will continue my growth as an enrollment management professional.

As always, it’s time to do work!


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