Everything I’m not, makes everything I am

As of late, I haven’t been the same person. The last few months have been filled with transition. Graduating my master’s program, ending my GA of two years, and moving out of San Diego.  To say the least, it’s been a period of exploration and redefining who I am.

I am a 26 year old male Latino from Southern California. First-generation college student with a master’s degree. And I am unemployed. I guess the unemployed part gets to me at times, but only on rainy days like today. My goal is to work in higher education providing students, families, and surrounding community with access to a better life through education. My dreams are to attain a doctorate, teach in either a tenure or adjunct role, and sometime later in life, maybe 30 years from now, become a VPSA.

In order for that to happen I need to find Job One. I’ll be honest; my job search has been tough. It has tested my emotional intelligence. I didn’t think I would still be searching six months after graduating. That’s life. I take it in stride, everything is a learning experience and an opportunity to improve. I’ve received job interviews, an offer, and many rejections. Rejections are good right?

They say you get stronger with every heartbreak; and I think it’s true. From these rejections, I solicit feedback, helping to improve who I am as a candidate and professional. It’s definitely humbling, but it’s also a sign of the times. Currently, I am typing this from my local public library. I look to my left, there is a person on monster.com looking through job postings, and two computers to the right there is a man working on his resume. People are struggling, in this hard economic time people are losing homes, cars, electricity, and more importantly hope.

When I reflect on my situation, I realize it isn’t that bad. I have been privilege to attend college, travel, and pursue a career in student affairs. Employment is temporary, so I can’t stay hung up on the unemployed thing. With all this free time, I have dedicated it to being a better son and brother. For the last few weeks I have spent nearly every day with my brother. Picking him up from school, going to the library, and hitting the gym. I get great satisfaction from this. I feel ever since I turned 18, I’ve been wanting to be independent. Moving out of my parent’s house a sophomore. Moving to Iowa City, after graduation, then return to California. And even though I returned to So Cal, my graduate program took up most of my time. I’ve felt guilty for neglect my family. Now with so much added time, I have the opportunity to reengaged in meaningful relationships, and be a better big brother. So I guess it took this long to re-establish my relationships with family and move towards interdependence…Chickering, you genius.

I am excited for my future. Just like an undrafted free agent, I’m just waiting for a team to approach me so I can prove my worth. I’ve never thought of giving up. I am not a quitter. Although my journey is only starting, I have come a long way. I still count my blessings and accomplishments. I am supported by my family, partner, friends, and mentors. With that kind of support, I can accomplish anything. Time to keep doin’ work and staying on the grind. I do it for myself and everyone else. Resiliency and motivation is key.

After a few months hiatus, I am back on the blog scene. I know who I am, understand my potential, and will continue to make a difference, title or no title. Special, shout out to the #sachat community for re-energizing me.

Two quick plugs:
1) If you are in So Cal, register for the Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs day on October 22nd, check out some awesome workshops and panels. Here’s the link WRCSAD Conference

2) If you are looking to volunteer some time check out  Project Access. With my free time, I have connected with Project Access, Inc. a non-profit that works to Educate, Employ, and Empower people. It is a holistic community development program in low socio-economic areas.


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