Stay Humble, Stay Hungry

The words to live by are “Stay Humble, Stay Hungry.” I was taught early on by my grandmother to always work hard, and have humility in success. Born and raised in Anaheim, CA. My community are constant reminders to use my education and experience to benefit others. Always pay it forward.

Leads the CCHALES Research Collective as an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University. Former doctoral student and post-doc with the Center for Urban Education at USC’s Rossier School of Education. Former admissions and outreach counselor at the University of San Diego. I’ve dedicated my time to improving college access and helping students achieve their goals. Upward Bound changed my life. Proud graduate of Cal State Fullerton (BA) and San Diego State (MA).

This is (old) site dedicated to my thoughts and writing. It also includes a variety of other things I’m involved with, update site follows my tenure-track journey. The next few years of my life will be dedicated to the PhD. It is my hope to become a socially-conscious scholar addressing issues facing my community. Also, I’m the founder and primary advisor of a free college advising organization. It’s been a great way to use my experience as an admissions counselor and help students with the college admissions process. Outside of work, pursuing a PhD, and OACA, I enjoy reading, running, and the Raiders.

Let’s connect. Send me an email, tweet, or whatever you’d like. Visit my About Me page for contact information!

1 thought on “Stay Humble, Stay Hungry

  1. Thanks, I am also trying to reaching higher heights in ed@USC! I feel encourage viewing your sight, I will have to reapply.

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